About the Doctor

Dr. Sanu P Moideen — Licensed ENT, Head and Neck Oncosurgeon.

Dr Sanu P Moideen has been a renowned figure among otolaryngologists in India.

Having had his education and specialist training in India and the US, he has been serving as a member of American Academy of Otolaryngologists since 2017 and member of Association of Otolaryngologists of India since 2020.

His area's of special interest are:

Head and Neck Oncosurgery
Nose and Sinus surgeries
Pediatric Otolaryngology
Micro-ear surgeries
Airway surgeries
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Dr Sanu P Moideen

Education & Professional Experience

The education of the doctor which goes on after he has his degree is, after all, the most important part of his education - John Shaw Billings.


Fellowship in Endoscopic SkullBase and Sinus Surgery
Jikei University, Japan


Fellowship in Snoring and Sleep Apnea Surgery
AIG Hospitals, Hyderabad, India

2022 - Present

Consultant ENT, Head & Neck Oncosurgeon
Smita Memorial Hospital and Research Center, Thodupuzha, India

2021 - Present

Consultant ENT, Head & Neck Oncosurgeon
MCS Hospital Muvattupuzha, India

2021 - 2022

Senior Resident, Department of ENT, Head & Neck Surgery
MOSC Medical Collge, Kolenchery

2018 - 2020

Post Doctoral Fellowship in Head & Neck Oncosurgery
Department of Surgical Services, Regional Cancer Center, Trivandrum


Speciality training in Pediatric Otolaryngology
Texas Children's Hospital, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, USA

Diplomate National Board of Exams (DNB - ENT)
National Board of Exams, New Delhi

2017 - 2018

Senior Resident, Pediatric Otolaryngology
Christian Medical College, Vellore


Masters in Surgery (MS-ENT)
Sri Siddhartha Academy of Higher Education, Agalakote, Tumkur

2014 - 2017

Junior Resident, Department of ENT, Head & Neck Surgery
Sri Siddhartha Medical College, Agalakote, Tumkur


Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
Passed MBBS from Government Medical College, Cochin, Kerala


Hardwork never goes in vain.

Indian Association of Surgeons for Sleep Apnea (IASSA)

Fellowship by Indian Association of Surgeons for Sleep Apnea (IASSA) in 2023


Dr. Dinesh and Pravina Metha International Scholarship by American Academy of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery (AAOHNS) in 2018

AOI India

International Visiting Scholar fellowship by Association of Otolaryngologists of India (AOI) in 2021

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What He Offers

Treatments for hearing and balance disorders, allergies and sinuses, breathing and sleep issues, swallowing and speech disorders, head and neck cancer. He also offers facial plastic and reconstructive surgeries.

Ear (Otology)

Hearing and balance are critical to how we conduct our daily lives. As an ENT specialist Dr. Sanu P. Moideen treat conditions such as ear infection, hearing loss, dizziness, ringing […]

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Nose (Rhinology)

Nose is part of our respiratory system which facilitate breathing by helping to keep out potentially harmful dirt, allergens, and other agents. In addition to allergies, as an ENT specialist […]

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Throat (Laryngology)

Disorders that affect our ability to speak and swallow properly can have a tremendous impact on our lives and livelihoods. Dr Sanu. P. Moideen is trained in laryngology and phonosurgery […]

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Head and Neck Onco-Surgeon

Head and neck region includes some of our body’s most vital organs like throat, larynx, nose, sinuses, and mouth. These organs can be especially susceptible to tumors and cancer. Being […]

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Pediatric Otolaryngology (ENT)

Children and their developing bodies and senses often need special attention. Pediatric otolaryngology is an important field of medicine that focuses on diagnosing and treating ENT disorders in children. With the […]

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Sleep Apnea

Being able to breathe and sleep well through the night has an impact on the way we experience life and perform our work. As a Snoring and Sleep Surgery specialist, […]

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Some important moments in the Career

Researches & Publications

He who does not research has nothing to teach.


Years of Experience







Year Title / Citation Download
2024 Moideen, S.P., Jose, T.B. Peculiar Presentation: Dirofilariasis Unveiled in the Temporalis Muscle of a Teenager. Indian J Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg (2024) Download
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